Know Jesus. Grow in Community. Go Serve.

Donearl Johnson, Lead Pastor

Our Story

When we hear the words multicultural or a diversity, we tend to think that these are new concepts or ideas but they’re not. Reaching and redeeming all people was a part of God’s original plan. In Genesis, we can clearly see the scope of the gospel defined. God promised Abram, while entering a covenant with him that, “I will make you a father of many nations” Yes, a “father” of many nations. In other words, this blessing coming to Abraham would flow through him to bless all people. Note, that at this time Abraham did not have any children, but he believed God! Now, this was in the beginning. Let’s fast forward this to the end in the book of Revelation, God allowed John to get a sneak preview of the Kingdom! Rev 7:9, John recorded seeing a great multitude, a number that could not be counted made up of people from everywhere all tribes, all kindred, all tongues standing before God and shouting with a loud voice saying “salvation” be on to our God! In other words, no one can save like our God!! It is in Genesis that we receive this promise, and in Revelation we see the fulfillment of this great promise! That was the beginning and the end picture and today we have been given the custody of this moment! We believe God! We believe that right now, the Holy Spirit is moving us, moving the church, moving the kingdom, to this great vision.

Our Mission

Know Jesus. Grow in Community. Go Serve.

Our vision is a multicultural community being empowered and transformed by the grace, truth, and love of Jesus Christ.

While a simple concept, the incredible power of Jesus Christ working in the lives of a community with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and cultural contexts has amazing potential. When he walked the earth, Jesus brought together men and women from all social classes, ethnicities, and religious affiliations. These people were given grace by Jesus for their old ways, shown the truth of God, and led to experience the powerful love of Christ. As a result, these people Jesus brought together, who once saw themselves as distant enemies, grew to be a new family that would change the world through their service, sacrifice, and love. It is our hope to continue that legacy, bringing people from different backgrounds together, working through the difficulties together with Christ, all while being empowered and transformed into who Jesus would have us be.

Real People.

We believe life is best lived openly and honestly. We value authentic relationships where we can be honest about our successes and shortcomings.

Real God.

We believe God is alive and active in the world today, and that he is at work bringing his plans to reality. We believe we can know God both personally and communally.

Real life.

We believe that God intended us as humans to live a life full of meaning, purpose, and passion. In Jesus, God gave us the perfect picture of what it means to live a full life. God desires us to become more like Jesus to experience more of life.

New Friends.

Making new friends is the first priority for our team. Whether through creatiive community outreach or Sunday services, our hope is that everyone who is a part of LCAH would establish new friendships that allow for meaningful conversation.

New Lives.

When friends follow Jesus together, life transformation happens. Through participation in mission-focused groups, we are encouraged and challenged to be more like Jesus.

New Communities.

We believe the influence of Christ followers from LCAH will affect community systems in Auburn Hills and wherever else we plant churches, helping schools, government, and business to be more Christlike.

2040 Vision

Over the next twenty years, we want to leave a legacy that grows God’s kingdom in Auburn Hills and around the world.

10 Church Planters

By 2040, we desire to have discipled, trained, and launched 10 church planters to start new communities of Christ followers. Our goal is that each of these 10 church planters would be able to launch multiethnic churches in global neighborhoods.

20 Local Outreach Initiatives

We desire to see 20 new initiatives launched by LCAH leaders that are specific, contextualized, and inspired by Matthew 25. We long to see tangible, long-term differences in the lives of those who are overlooked or disadvantaged in our community.

30 Global Missionaries

Because Auburn Hills is a global neighborhood filled with new immigrants, we want to be intentional about inspiring and discipling these immigrants into missionaries who can grow God’s kingdom all over the world in contextual, sustainable ways.

Vision Dinners

In August and September 2018, LifeChurch Auburn Hills hosted four vision dinners to let our community know the vision behind our new endeavor.

Our Team

LifeChurch Auburn Hills has a growing launch team made up of over 20 people with influence in our community. Here are some of our leaders.

Donearl Johnson

Lead Pastor

Donearl is a Navy veteran, child welfare advocate, and the lead pastor of LifeChurch Auburn Hills. He is currently a member of the Avondale School Board, and has been married to his wife Jenetta for 22 years. They have four children.

Cameron Underdown

Executive Pastor

A former web developer, Cameron has been in full time ministry for ten years, working primarily with high school, college, and international students. He lives in Pontiac with his wife Lyndee and two children, Marguerite and CK.

Kelly Ray


Kelly loves working with children, and she is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in advanced behavorial analysis in order to be an educator and advocate for children with special needs. She studies at Oakland University.

Financial Needs

In order to fulfill what we believe God is calling us to fulfill, LifeChurch Auburn Hills is in need of financial supporters to help us become sustainable.

3 Year Budget Projection

In order to staff two positions, pay rent at Auburn Elementary, purchase initial equipment, pay contract employees, and operate our ministry at a high level, we project LifeChurch Auburn Hills will need budgets of 210,000, 265,000, and 320,000 in its first three years of operation. This will ensure a stable leadership team, potentially additional staff, and savings to help us in our fourth year when church partner support potentially stops. We receive some support from the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination throughout the first three years, and we are looking for $100,000 from 5-10 church partners in the first three years as well.