Friday, June 14th

Saturday, June 15th

Presbyterian Church of AH
3456 Primary St, Auburn Hills, MI

Many churches can identify the what, when, who, and how. But a more challenging, and ultimately more impactful question, is knowing why our church exists in the first place! Finding Your Why focuses on discovering God’s purpose for the existence of a particular church in a particular location in a particular time. When you we know our collective why, we can make better decisions about how to invest our time and resources for God’s kingdom. This two-day workshop, facilitated by our denomination the ECC, will be a fun and energizing for LCAH members that will help us discern our why with greater clarity, and envision how that why will shape the next season of our church.

Dinner on Friday and snacks on Saturday will be provided. Childcare is also available.

For questions, contact Donearl Johnson at