Current Series: COMMITTED

“No commitment necessary.” We’re inundated with this message every day. Advertisers sell us on free trial periods and tearing up the annual contract. If we’re dissatisfied with our phone company, gym, friends, or even our church, there’s always other options available. But what happens when a no-commitment culture runs into the call to follow Jesus? Join us for a new series, Committed, as we dive deep into what it means to to live each day fully committed to the ways of Jesus in a commitment-phobic culture. As we learn from the very first community of Christ followers, we’ll see that their commitment to Jesus and his way of life produced incredible impact in their own lives and the world around them.

Our Story

LifeChurch Auburn Hills is a multiethnic community being transformed and empowered by the grace, truth, and love of Jesus. We exist to make disciples in Auburn Hills who can make disciples of all nations. We believe that new churches are the best way to make make new disciples of Jesus Christ.  

LifeChurch Auburn Hills is part of the LifeChurch Network, a family of churches in metro Detroit who work to make disciples of Jesus who can make disciples of all nations. We are planted by LifeChurch Southfield in Southfield, MI, and we are part of a larger denomination – the Evangelical Covenant Church. Watch this video to see our history and how we come to be who we are!

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