Taste and See

Exploring spirituality over good food and good conversation.
Dates: April 10th, 24th, May 8th, and May 22nd
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Auburn Elementary, Auburn Hills

What if there was a space for conversations about God, faith, and life’s big questions? What if those conversations happened over really good food in a welcoming and fun environment? Taste and see is that place! Over four weeks and four different meals, we examine four big ideas about God around the table. Each week, you will have a chance to share your story and your perspective with others, as well as hear a short presentation from 1 of our Taste and See leaders to set up the dialogue. While the topics each week are pulled from the Christian tradition, we welcome friends from any faith background or tradition (including those who don’t identify with any faith at all) to join the conversation!

Weekly Topics


Week 1. It Was Good
We kick off with a vegetarian banquet celebrating food fresh from the earth and exploring the wonder and beauty of God’s good design. Questions may include: Can we know God? Is there anything unique about humans in the context of our world? How did the world as we know it come to be?

Week 2. What’s Gone Wrong?
This week we indulge in a deliciously greasy fast-food feast. Questions may include: what do you see as the root of what’s wrong in our world? What are specific areas of injustice or pain that have affected you?

Week 3. The Great Rescue
This week we share the significance of a Middle Eastern meal that people have been eating for thousands of years to celebrate God’s rescue. Questions may include: How does God relate to human suffering? What can be done about all that is wrong in the world?

Week 4. Future Hope
This final meal is an international banquet in celebration of the Christian hope of a multi-cultural family living in unity and peace. Questions include: What happens beyond death and how could we ever know? What are ways that you find hope? What are specific hopes for the world and for your life?

Questions? Contact Brendan Dry at: brendan.dry@lifechurchauburnhills.org

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