Update on Gatherings – May 22, 2021

Hello LCAH–

Our team has been in conversation this week about the recent guidelines from the CDC regarding people who have been fully vaccinated. In short, the CDC advised that anyone who has been vaccinated need not wear a mask for indoor or outdoor activities. Throughout the pandemic, we have always believed it prudent to adhere to guidelines from health experts like the CDC when it comes to practices like masking, social distancing, and safe ways to gather. We also regularly ask God for wisdom, sought out sound counsel, and received input from our church to discern the best path forward. In light of these updated guidelines, we wanted to share what we feel is best regarding upcoming gatherings.

First, for our outdoor gatherings we will no longer be requiring masks, however we will still be observing social distancing. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please continue to do so! If you feel comfortable without it, feel free not to wear it, but whatever your decision, remember to let love guide your responses to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Respect and honor one another’s choices. Masks would still be required anytime you enter the school to use the restroom so please continue to have one available. We recognize that not everyone who attends these gatherings will be vaccinated — and if that is the case for you, we strongly recommend that you’d continue using a mask around others.

Second, we will continue social distanced seating for outdoor gatherings. Distance is still a good safeguard against COVID-19, especially as we loosen our own practices regarding masking. Remember that though it is unlikely, being fully vaccinated does not completely eliminate your ability to spread the virus. So feel free to give a handshake, a hug, or a fist bump, but step back a few feet when having conversations.

Lastly, as restrictions lift, please know that we are discerning, meeting, and planning the wisest course of action to resume indoor gatherings and will be communicating our plan for the coming months shortly! We love you all and thank God for your faithful commitment this year.

LCAH Staff

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