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Hello LCAH community!

We wanted to provide an update from our team regarding our current plans for Sunday morning worship gatherings. As cases in Michigan surge to record highs, we have made the difficult decision to suspend our plan to return to indoor services at Auburn Elementary for the time being. However, we do plan to gather frequently, both in large gatherings outdoors and in smaller gatherings both outdoors and online. Here is a gathering schedule for April and May:

Dates in bold represent an in-person, outdoor event. Location for all in-person events outside at Auburn Elementary, unless otherwise noted. Links provided for more information and registration for certain events.

April 11th:     Virtual service @ 10:45am

April 18th:     Virtual service @ 10:45am     || Food delivery meet-up @ 2pm 

April 25th:     Virtual service @ 10:45am

*May 1st:     2 Year Anniversary Celebration @ 3:30pm, Riverside Park, Auburn Hills

May 2nd:    Virtual service @ 10:45am

May 9th:     Outdoor and virtual Mother’s Day service @ 10:45am 

May 16th:     Virtual service @ 10:45am || Food delivery meet-up @ 2pm

May 23rd:     Outdoor and virtual service @ 10:45am || Graduation celebration @ 12pm

May 30th:     Virtual service @ 10:45am 

* May 1st is a Saturday. All other dates are Sunday.

Sunday worship is an essential part of the Christian faith. But it was never intended to be the only or even primary venue for Christians to witness to the love and mercy of Jesus in the world. Our new series, Committed, focuses on the gatherings of the first Christians which took them beyond a once-a-week event to an everyday lifestyle of community, justice, and experiencing the power of God together. That is why it is our hope that everyone who calls LCAH their home church would have relationships for accountability and encouragement through one of our Community Groups; be pursuing 3C (committed, cross cultural, Christ-centred) friendships both within our church community and in the course your daily lives; and be using your gifts to embody the good news in tangible ways to your church family and your neighbors.

So we invite you to:


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